Continuing Education Courses for Georgia Licensed Agents

E&O Causes and Cases                                                              3 CE hours - P&C     [id# 46939]
This course outlines categories of risk for insurance agent’s errors and omissions and examines case histories including adjudicated cases with court findings detailed.


Shoring Up Construction Coverage                                  3 CE hours - P&C     [id# 47155]

For beginners and veterans alike, this course provides a detailed examination of commercial P&C marketing strategies and best practices for construction industry risks, from exposure identification and submission preparation to quote analysis and negotiation tactics, right through to proposal preparation and crossing t’s at binding.   
Contract Analysis for Insurance Professionals         3 CE hours - P&C      [id# 50100]

This course provides a detailed analysis of contractual insurance requirements covering an array of different contract relationships, along with breach mitigation and certificate strategies.
Ethics                                                                                                    3 CE hours - Ethics   [id# 47137]

This course covers a range of ethics related topics from historical to current including ethics in society generally and a focus on ethics in insurance today.  Participants are given hypothetical ethical dilemmas to consider and asked to propose responses for group discussion.
INO UNO ISO AUTO                                                                   3 CE hours - P&C     [id# 50390]

This course provides a basic yet detailed overview of commercial automobile insurance policy structure, common coverages and terminology.

Workers Compensation                                                            3 CE hours - P&C     [id# 50391]

This course provides a broad overview of the workers compensation system, its history, coverages, rating and administration.  Includes a discussion of multi-state exposure strategies and examination of fraud prevention issues.